Vanished – Positively Devilish

Hey all! Pretty soon, eh? I know.

This time I managed to read ‘Vanished’ by Kate Brian (given to me by Srish as a birthday gift). I usually don’t happen to read novels given to me as birthday gifts, because most of them are too strange for my liking, and others are just plain dumb. But since Srishti knows me so well, she got something she knew I was going to like.

Vanished is the 12th installment in the Private series by Kate Brian — and let me tell you, I haven’t read the predecessors.                                                                                   But as is the duty of every author, Kate Brian also managed to make the story understandable to the first-time reader. Being one, I didn’t feel the need to read through the other eleven books before reading Vanished.

After the initiation ceremony of Reed’s newly created secret society, Noelle has disappeared and the only clue is a mysterious note. Is Reed’s behavior the cause or is there something more sinister happening? With the kidnapper warning of worse things to come if Reed tells anyone of Noelle’s abduction, Reed realizes it’s up to her discover who has taken Noelle and  try to rescue her — before she becomes the next target.

I have a lot to say about Vanished. Many plus points, and a few flaws. So here goes :

Positive Aspects: The book is full of suspense, and really gets your adrenaline pumping. The language is clean (except for the use of  certain abusive words in certain livid moments) and pretty comprehensible. The major plus is that you don’t feel uninformed because you didn’t read the predecessors. The story is powerful, and keeps your eyes glued to the pages.

Negative Points: With the book’s end, you have a smile on your face, and you are content — which also means that you don’t feel like wanting to go to the bookstore and buying its next part (at least I don’t). But also I won’t mind reading it if I do get my hands on it. Reed Brennan – the main lead – is quite under confident and unsure of herself, but still manages to emerge as brave and fearless 🙂

Remember: I have read Vanished without reading its predecessors, and had I read them, the review might have been a bit different. But nevertheless, the book is quite enjoyable.


The Cast

Reed, Noelle, Josh, Ivy — who will they be in Vanished- the movie? Let’s see. 😉

1. Reed Brennan – Ashley Tisdale

Beautiful. Fearless. Outgoing. What else do you want?! Ashley Tisdale is the perfect choice to be Reed Brennan.


2. Josh Hollis – Chace Crawford

Josh is Reed’s perfect boyfriend who is supportive, caring and the only one she can completely trust. Hence, Chace is my pick for the role.


3. Noelle Lange – Katerina Graham

Katernia would be nice Noelle Lange, in my opinion. Reed’s sassy half-sister (sharing the same dad) needs to be intriguing too. 😉


Okay! The rest is for the Directors to do ;).

Vanished will (and is) an instant hit among the fans of Gossip Girl and like storylines, as it offers the same intricate web of conspiracies, lies and positively devilish charm that appeals to a reader.

For me, I would rate Vanished as a 3.5 on 5.

Right now, I’m reading ‘Grave Doubts’  and ‘Heaven Sent’ by Meg Cabot. So my next review would be on The Mediator Series.

Until then, keep reading, keep smiling!

Au revoir, loves.

– Snigdha