Review: The Sky Is Everywhere <3

It’s very infrequent that I stumble upon just any book, and it changes my life. It’s a very, very rare situation. But believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened with The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, book-worm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely away in the shadow of her elder sister, Bailey Walker.

But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own life—and, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two. Toby was Bailey’s boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennie’s own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent. For Lennie, they’re the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can’t collide without the whole wide world exploding.

When I came across the book, I thought it must be the usual chick-lit and all, but was I ever wrong. This book has so much more to what the synopsis can tell you, it’s unbelievable. I ever re-read it immediately after the first time. It’sthatpowerful.

The book takes the reader to a journey through Lennie’s life, and when the journey ends, you find yourself gasping for air with a big, goofy grin spread all over your face. The two boys in Lennie’s life, Toby Shaw (Bailey’s boyfriend) and the un-freaking-believable Joe Fontaine (the newbie in town) have very strong personalities of their own, and so do the other characters like Sarah (Len’s BFF), Gram, and her Uncle Big. The Sky Is Everywhere is everything I like in any book I read–emotional, witty, realistic, and of course, when I turn the last page, I feel good.

I rate The Sky Is Everywhere a full 5 on 5. There’s no reason for giving anything less than the best.


The Cast

Move on to the cast, shall we? 😉

Although it is being made into a movie already, with Selena Gomez as Lennie Walker (the very idea makes me want to jump off the roof), I still want to let you know my idea of who should play who.

1. Lennie Walker – Lexi Ainsworth

I can’t really tell you why I think she’d be a good Lennie, but let’s just say that in ways more than one, she resembles her. Let’s go with that, for the time being.


2. Toby Shaw – Brant Daugherty

Toby is two years older than Lennie, so obviously, Brant looks perfect as Toby. I mean, come on, what’s missing? I’ll tell you– NOTHING. 😉


3. Joe Fontaine – Landon Liboiron

Landon should play Joe, period. No further discussion needed.


Jandy Nelson, the author of The Sky Is Everywhere has included many poems amidst the chapters to depict Lennie’s grief and confusion and of course, her love for Joe and pain for Toby. Those bits and pieces of poems, random conversations, and memories account for sixty percent of the book’s charm. I have to admit I haven’t come across a book this unique before.

There are absolutely no words that can describe how wonderful the book, is so please, PLEASE do read this one. It’s totally worth your while.

See you soon!





The Search

‘The Search’ by Nora Roberts. Enough said.

Let me warn you guys — the moment you pick up this book, you wouldn’t want to keep it down until you’re done. Maybe not even then 😉

Fiona Bristow moves to Orcas Island to start a new life and recover from the grievances of her past. She opens a Canine Search and Rescue Training Center where she trains dogs and their trainers to search for missing people. Soon, she meets a wood artist- Simon Doyle, who comes to meet her due to his problems with his dog, Jaws. She agrees to train him.

And that’s where the story really begins:-

Fiona is the survivor of a serial killer, Perry now behind bars. She was the key witness at the trial and they only caught the guy after he went after and killed her fiancée and his K-9 partner. The problem starts when someone starts killing girls in the same way as the serial killer Fiona escaped from did. He starts teasing her, and Simon begins to fear for Fiona’s safety since she’s the one that got away before and she’s sure to be a target this time.

Living on a small island near Seattle, Fiona is well watched and cared for by all, but the copycat and the mentor, of course, have things planned to bring it all close to home.

My take on the book: The balance between Fiona and Simon is ridiculous. While Fiona just recovered from her dreadful past, Simon had dated a pop singer for a bit and now wants to live life in a quiet fashion. Though the puppy, Jaws, brings them together, they are intrigued by the other’s quirks, which start the relationship ball rolling.

I happen to like this excerpt from the book. Read on:

No fuss, he thought. Even the obligatory female bottles and bowls on the dresser had a sense of organization, while the trio of dog beds across the room spoke of her passion and profession.
Attractive lamps, simple in style, and over sized chair draped with a beautifully made throw-likely Syl’s again.

They slowly fall in love while the killer, a certain Francis E. Eckle who gets influenced by Perry becomes more powerful.

Who will win? Fiona and her love for Simon? OR Francis E. Eckle and his love for murder?

The suspense is positively intriguing, and once you’re done reading this one, you definitely feel like re-reading it. No kidding. If you don’t believe me, try it 🙂

The Cast of  ‘The Search’

According to Snigdha’s protocol, we are supposed to decide some of the leads for the book’s film adaptation. So, here goes:

So, Ashley Greene should be Fiona, and Robbie Amell should play Simon [according to Snigdha].

Both of them have that ‘mysterious’ aspect in their looks and persona, which would go along very well with the story’s plot. And of course, they’re incredibly breathtaking together! Right? Of course 😉

Do read ‘The Search’ the first chance you get. It’s awesome, and it’s not chick-lit or anything– will work for any age. Trust me. It’s totally worth a try.

Keep us posted. See ya!

– Muskaan


Shiver – Love Knows No Boundaries

By Muskaan (a great girl who loves reading, writing and having fun). 🙂

When Grace was a young girl, she was the victim of a freak wolf attack in the woods surrounding her home. Although she survived the attack, she still sensed feeling of being a wolf and still has sensations of being capable of doing something only wolves can do. She was saved from changing by a wolf called Sam, who, later falls in love with this pretty girl and watches her everyday from the forest. His yellow eyes gleam in the dark and are filled with care and kindness towards Grace. Grace watches him back and watches herself being more and more attached to the wolf.

Can I just say this book is amazing? Okay? Good. Because I don’t know of any other way to describe it.

Well, frankly speaking the book gave me chills and it didn’t let me sleep throughout the night. I made sure I got up early in the morning only to read this! Shiver is a book full of wit, romance and excitement. You will find all these elements in only a few books and Shiver will actually make you ‘shiver’ at many of its instances.

Positive Aspects: The story flowed in perfect smoothness – and as a reader, I couldn’t really pick out any prominent faults in the storyline. I also loved how simple things, like a cup of hot chocolate are described. Also, the weather. While reading this on a hot summer day, I actually felt cold. Hats off to an author like Maggie Stiefvater to come up with something so unique and brilliant. The characters are intriguing, and the storyline is fairly realistic (as far as supernatural literature is concerned.)

Not-so-positive Aspects: Shiver missed out on a dangerous undercurrent, and Sam’s whining starts to annoy after a while. Grace isn’t exactly exciting, but works well with the character required, nonetheless. But regardless of these teeny-weeny flaws, the book manages to leave the sensation of want behind. 🙂

The Cast of Shiver

Yes, of course I have a fair idea how this wonderful book should be transformed into a movie, and since Snigdha (the freak who came up with the idea of this blog) practically begged me to do it, I present to you my version of Shiver.

1. Grace – Leighton Meester

Grace needs to be brave, and fascinating enough to charm a werewolf. Hence, this beautiful actress fits in perfectly.


2. Sam – Ashton Kutcher

Ashton! Why? No reason. And since it is supposed to be my version, none needed. 😉  He suits Sam quite well, and I can’t think of anyone as charming as him to fit the slot.


The Rest of the Story for the curious minds

Believe me, I know how it feels not knowing the end of a story so captivating and to make sure you don’t go through that state of mind, here goes the rest of it :-

Suddenly, another freak occurs in town and the wolves kill a teenage boy and a hunting party is launched to kill the wolves. Grace stops this party just to protect her wolf. She succeeds in doing so and Sam reveals himself to her in his human form.  Each year, Sam changes during the summers and his summers become shorter and shorter – soon, Sam fears he will turn into a wolf, never to be a human again. Together, Grace and Sam fight to keep him as human, no matter the cost.

Jack, a freak catches hold of Grace and threatens her to tell him the way to stay human always without changing into a wolf. His sister, Isabel desperately wants this too. So, she figures out a way to do so by injecting a bottle of blood infected with meningitis bacteria. It does not work on her brother Jack but at the end it works on Sam and he is for the eternity a human again.

So, the book ends with a happy ending for Grace as she gets all she wanted in her life back and no one now as far as the horizon stretches can take away her Sam from her.

Take my word for it and do read this book. You’ll never in your life regret reading it. I promise 🙂

P.S.- If you do, you can always settle scores with us (though it is a faint possibility).

Until next time, keep reading, keep smiling! See ya folks! 😀

– Muskaan