Meet The Stars

Now you must be wondering why the title ‘Smoldering Stars’. I can give you some major reasons why:

– One, ‘smoldering’ means burning. Some expressions and thoughts have the spark in them that can transform many lives around them.

The Smoldering Stars 🙂

– Two, it is not just one star— there are many. Millions in the sky, and a little less who run this blog 😉

– Three, it sounds attractive. Duh! 😀

Meet Snigdha, Muskaan & Srishti– the owners of this awesome place (and who, by the way, are three of the most intellectually-intriguing girls you’ll ever come across). They are sixteen, fifteen  and fifteen-and-a-half respectively. They love to read. They love to talk. They love to listen to music. They are obsessed with music that makes sense.

They enjoy the rain. They are dying to go to London. Two of them are crazy romantics (Muskaan and Srishti), the other is not a member of that fan club (Snigdha).

Most of all, they love each other’s company. Keep coming back to experience their worlds, their interests and their friendship.

Au revoir, darlings! 🙂 XOXO



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