Review: 1800-WHERE-R-U Series

The 1800-WHERE-R-U series by Meg Cabot never had it easy, what with being discontinued soon after the fourth book, Sanctuary, was released. But after the publishers released a omnibous edition retitled as Missing, the sales went up dramatically. And I can totally see why.

The series that I read was titled Missing, and since this was the second series of Meg Cabot’s that I have read after Mediator, I’d say the earlier one was better. Why? I’ll let you know. Let’s see what it really is about, first.

Meet Jessica Mastriani, the definitely-not-girl-next-door who loves exactly what any typical girl doesn’t, and likes to fight with people bigger than she is. Life’s going well, especially if you count that Rob Wilkins, the hottest senior around, sits next to her in detention. But things begin to get dangerous when one afternoon she gets hit by lightning, and it leaves some serious damage in its wake.

Jess is no longer a normal 16-year-old, oh no, she can now find missing people in her sleep, down to the ZIP code. She now is the owner of a power that can be used for both, good and some major evil.

What I think: The series is quite different from Mediator ones, but somehow, it lacks the magnetism that was present in Susannah Simon’s story. Sure, there’s the fun and the adventure and a totally hot guy in both, but I really do think the previous one was better.

Nevertheless, this one isn’t bad at all. It’s 4 on 5, definitely not boring or anything. It’s just that when you compare it to Mediator which is an absolute 5 over 5, it falls a little behind.

Highlights: Jess is a very smart and brave girl, as are most of Meg’s characters, and she has something funny to say about everyone she meets. She’s also very certain of what she’s doing, even if there might be loads of danger involved. My favorite book out of the entire series was Sanctuary (#4), because it had the most amount of thrill and humor, and of course, a little romance. Just how I like it.

VERDICT: As I’ve said before, 1800-WHERE-R-U deserves nothing short of a 4 out of 5. Definitely a good choice for a summer read (I can tell because I read it in summer, so. . you know) and fans of Susannah Simon will love Jessica Mastriani, too!


Sorry, but no cast suggestion with this one, because I couldn’t really pick out who for what role. And the ‘finding-pictures-and-then-inserting-them-at-the-right-places’ is a real pain, if you ask me.

But hey, let me tell you that I think Victoria Justice can be a very good Jess Mastriani.

Okay, I’ve also finished reading Lock and Key, so that one’s coming up soon, too! Till then, you know what you have to do. Read and smile. And take a swig at coffee too, if you can 🙂




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